ZAdA '96 stands for "Zentral-Archiv des Abiturjahrganges 1996". We are 57 former students (members) of the Alexander-von-Humboldt-School in Neumünster, Germany, who left school after the final-examination (German "Abitur") in 1996. We have composed this homepage to keep in contact with all former classmates. Beside this, all members get a list with the recent addresses by mail once a year. If a member moves to another city, gets a new telephonenumber, email-address or changes the marital status, he/she informs our service-center. We update the homepage within a day.
For the up to date list with our names, jobs and e-mail-addresses, see Die Aktuelle Jahrgangsliste
For the e-mail-addresses and homepages of our members, see Die eMail-Adressen unseres Jahrganges
For many photos of us, see Fotos
To listen to our final-examination song ("It's a beautiful life" - Ace Of Base), see Abisong (guestbook)!

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